"New out of Box"
GE Cooktops are installed in kitchen countertops. This cooktop offers Ceramic Glass Cooktop, a smooth and seamless cooktop surface makes cleaning quick and easy, 2 Ribbon, 7" Heating Elements. With ribbon heating elements, the heat comes from brightly glowing elements positioned beneath the smooth surface. Even heat is directed straight up to the pan for high speed heat-up. Provides a quick "on" with a bright visual response. It also offers 6/9" Heating Element with PowerBoil that accommodates various sizes of pots or pans and speeds the boiling process. Hot Surface Indicator Lights - Heating Elements have a "hot surface" indicator light to let you know when the element is too hot to touch (it continues to work if the element has been turned off.)

Two 7" Elements
6/9" PowerBoil Element
Ceramic Glass Cooktop

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